Swahili Recording Session, for The ShiraX System


At the Monastereo studio, Gecho, Jason, and Andrew discuss cranking out voice recordings of the a b c's for The ShiraX System™ and wax philosophic about the massively impactful possibilities of the ShiraX™ educational app development platform.




Jason: Hey everyone, it’s Jason Bavington here with Midnight Illusions. And we’re here at the Monastereo studio in Guelph, Ontario. Today, we’re doing some voice recording work for the Global Learning XPRIZE initiative, which I’ll tell you about in a second. So, on my left we have Andrew. Say hi!

Andrew: Hello!

Jason: Hey. And then we have Gecho. Andrew owns the Monastereo studio here that we have the pleasure of using today and Gecho is our Swahili voice talent for the Global Learning XPRIZE audio library that we’re building. So, Andrew, tell us a little more about Monastereo studio and what you guys do here and why it’s so fantastic.

Andrew: Well, I’m glad you asked. The Monastereo is my project recording studio. It’s where I produce work for other people, whether it’s as a music producer or a voice coach. I’m also in the voice acting world, so I have the benefit of being on the other side of the glass and being directed. So, it’s nice to direct from this chair, on occasion. Yeah. I make records here, and there’s rehearsal space, but primarily it’s used as a recording environment.

Jason: Yes, it’s a fantastic space. It just feels amazing when you walk in here. You know, you have all of this equipment, but then it’s also cozy, and I can see how people would be really comfortable when they do the recording. It’s so spacious and many, many instruments happening. Many, many audio talents, people coming through, warm bodies, and you don’t feel cramped. It’s a really great space.

Andrew: Yeah. Comfort was sort of pretty important because I think after the first hour people start to forget about the bells and whistles and they just - what they’re most interested in is an environment that will actually support whatever creative endeavor they’re engaged in.

So, yeah, that was pretty important to me in terms of just the layout, the visual layout of the rooms, so that performers can actually see each other while they’re playing, even though they might be isolated. Yeah, just sort of trying to answer to those needs of players and creative individuals.

Jason: Yes. So we also have Gecho here with us today. He’s our local Sawahili talent, and it’s fantastic to be able to find some of the local people around that, you know, can both record and produce music and there are native Swahili speakers. Gecho, want to tell us a little more about yourself and what brings you to this project?

Gecho: Yes, I am a native Swahili speaker and I’m very much interested to share what I know. I am in this project for Global Learning XPRIZE and pretty much interested to see the results and the information and knowledge that is shared with the people in Tanzania and back in Africa, where I come from.

Jason: Yes, it’s very exciting to be working on this project and we started the project in the spring of last year. And at the beginning, you can’t even know what the end result is going to be like, but now as we edge towards the finish line for submission, official submission in November, we’re starting to see all of the pieces of the puzzle come together.

You know, we have audio recording happening separately, and our team is working on video and images, and other parts of our team in the crowdsourcing part of the initiative are working on the programming part. And then we have additional people. Then we’re going to bring it all together.

So just being able to have all of these people collectively working towards this goal of creating the one software solution that, you know, potentially millions of kids around the world are going to use… You know, regardless of what happens, whether our team is successful or not, something amazing is going to emerge out of this and kids are going to be affected by it. And if we can help out with that process in any way possible…

When we’re all said and done, whether we win or not, we’re open sourcing all of our work anyways so this work will continue in some way, shape, or form. And I think that’s what’s the exciting part is not really knowing where it’s going to end up but knowing that something is going to happen with this –

Andrew: That there’s still a future attached to it. I hear you.

Jason: Yeah. It’s going to be brilliant, and we’re creating this future for these kids that we’ve never met, and we probably won’t meet any of them, but we’re able to have an impact on them in this global village. And it really is a global village.

So, that’s us for today. Midnight Illusions at Monastereo studio in Guelph, working towards Global Learning XPRIZE. We’ll put some links below so you can check out Monastereo studio in more detail, and we’ll also put a link back to the XPRIZE page as well so you can learn more about the project if you’re not yet familiar with it. So, thanks very much and we’ll catch you on the next one.

Andrew: See you, folks.

Jason: Cheers.

Gecho: Cheers.


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