The ShiraX System, in 3 Minutes


Get the 3 min. executive summary of The ShiraX System™ AI-based educational app development platform that we are creating for the Global Learning XPRIZE challenge. It's audacious. It's revolutionary. It's completely nuts. We love it!




Kids are magical. We all know they come into the world believing they can accomplish anything, that they can be anything, and that they can do anything. They are full of hope, dreams, and possibilities. However, today there are 250 million children around the world who cannot read, write, or do basic math. Many live in impoverished areas and have no access to schools or teachers. It would take 1.5 million teachers to address this issue and there's simply no way to build enough schools or train enough teachers to meet this need.

We're Midnight Illusions and we're working towards permanently solving this global issue by creating a web-based A.I. driven self-learning educational toolbox called The ShiraX System™.

ShiraX™ is a turn-key A.I. platform that will allow anyone to create self-teaching personally-engaging educational apps for tablets, mobile phones, regular computers, or the web. The app's built-in artificial intelligence interacts with the child's environment and also engages their friends, collectively educating everyone.

Solving the educational crisis using ShiraX™ is totally achievable now. We're an official team in the Global Learning XPRIZE -- a competition challenging teams to create tablet-based software that will be given to children who have no access to schools or teachers and teach them, in their native language, how to read, write, and do basic math.

We're a Canadian mobile app studio located near Toronto. We've been building apps and systems since 2012 and we know how to get things done. We plan to make it to the competition field test in 2017, which is already being coordinated by Google, UNESCO, the World Food Programme, and XPRIZE. It's incredibly exciting and we want YOU to join us!

Visit and join our team now! Let's give kids around the world hope, dreams, and possibilities, to ensure that they can become all that they are meant to become!

We're in need of PHP programmers to help build ShiraX™ and if you have a passion to code, we've got a piece of the system for you to build. Beyond programming, we're looking for people to help with educational content for the field test, to donate funds to the project so we can add more resources, and we're looking for people that simply want to spread the word about this fantastic project!

In the end, ShiraX™ will be free and available to everyone, no matter what. With your help, imagine how massively impactful this will be. Imagine how much hope, dreams, and possibility we can give to impoverished children everywhere!

Whether you're a coder, educator, donor, or supporter ... there's a spot for YOU in the ShiraX™ project.

Go to and join our team now.


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