How to Ensure You Have Long-Term Control Over Your App


In Washington DC, Jason shares essential advice and strategy on how to ensure you have FULL CONTROL over your mobile app's development and growth over the long term.




Hey everyone, Jason Bavington here with Midnight Illusions, and we’re in Washington, DC. We’re actually here for the North American Global Learning XPRIZE Team Summit, which takes place tomorrow. Today is actually tourist day, which is fantastic. Get in a little sightseeing.

To learn more about Global Learning XPRIZE and what that incredible initiative is all about, check out the link below. It’ll link you to one of our video blog posts that was taking place in Paris a few weeks ago from the time that we filmed this video today. Check that out.

So, we’re just touring here in Washington, DC. Ahead of me is the Lincoln Memorial. Behind me there we have the Washington Monument. Behind that is the US Capital Building. And, just off to the right of the Washington Monument is the White House. So, clearly, this is definitely the centre, the core, of the United States. You know, so many systems flow through this area that basically defines the entire country. We have political systems, economic systems, and everything flows through the core of this area.

And I was thinking about that as I was reflecting beside this reflecting pool here. I’m sure I’m the only one in history who ever made that pun. Anyway, I was thinking about the core of our apps, and with Midnight Illusions we always make sure that our core code is developed native, which means as close to the original operating system as possible. In the case of iOS for iPhone or iPad, this is the Xcode. In the case of Android, this is Android Studio.

Now, we always develop this way to ensure that we have long-term control and functionality and expandability of the apps that we develop both for ourselves in-house and for our clients. Now, app development doesn’t have to happen this way. There are a lot of turnkey systems out there; you just go to a website, plug in a menu system, upload some images, upload some content, push a few buttons, and then you have an app that you are able to upload to the app store.

This does work great in some cases; it’s definitely a lot cheaper to develop apps this way and also it is a really great way for you to crank out an app in the short term. However, if you’re going to be in the app game for the long term, I strongly encourage you, when you’re thinking about the core, underlying system of your app, which is driving the entire thing, to make sure you develop in Xcode or Android Studio and skip the turnkey systems. The main reason being that you will have long-term of your apps.

We’ve seen turnkey systems come and go. A lot of them are Silicon Valley startups. They dissolve, they run out of money, or they get taken over by other companies. Someone sets the business strategy or solutions and then what happens is that the people who developed and use those systems no longer have access and can no longer upgrade their app or do anything with their app over the long term or in the next upgrade.

Most recently, we’ve seen this happen with Parse, which is an online database system that’s a fantastic system; it works very, very well, is very, very robust, but it’s being discontinued by the end of[2016]. We have clients who came to us for app upgrades and stuff, but they based their entire database and back-end system on Parse, and it works great for them over the short term while developing in-house but now they’re really, really stuck because now they can’t develop their app any further. They have to actually redevelop their app from the start, which can be very, very expensive, especially if you have an existing system out there with tons of users, an existing infrastructure in place, and it can get really, really messy really, really quick.

So, I encourage you when you are developing your mobile app and keep up on developing your app - hopefully, your app is in production really, really soon - to go for the core. Go for the tried and true, which is Xcode and Android Studio. You can dabble in the turnkey systems but always have a long-term solution available because that will really, really lead to the success of your app over the long-term, control of your app over the long term, and to your long-term success.

So, I’m Jason Bavington with Midnight Illusions, here in Washington, DC, checking out the sites, and enjoying this beautiful, lovely spring evening. It’s 24 degrees here. It’s fantastic; it’s beautiful. I love that it’s t-shirt weather in April. It’s great. So, take care, and we’ll see you again. I’m looking forward to your comments down below. Cheers.


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