Is App Design More Important Than the App Itself?


At the Louvre in Paris, Jason discusses the importance of your mobile app's user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) as key components of your mobile app development strategy. How will your design creativity influence your Masterpiece?




Bonjour, mobile app adventurers. It’s Jason Bavington here with Midnight Illusions, and we’re in Paris, France staring at the Louvre Museum in the heart of historic Paris.

This place is absolutely stunning. It’s a former Royal Palace that’s now turned into a museum, and you can go check it out. There are 35,000 pieces to look at in this museum. Everything from paintings to sculptures, carpets, furniture, jewellery... I couldn’t believe the number of items here from all around the world. From Europe, from the Middle East, from Asia. From all over the world. It’s truly, truly stunning.

And they have these glass pyramids here, which I’ve always seen, and I’ve never actually gotten a chance to touch. And I didn’t go up and touch it because the security guy’s kind of aggressive. But, they’re beautiful from far away.

I had the pleasure yesterday of doing a presentation to the Global Learning XPRIZE Team Summit at the UNESCO building. And I was discussing the user interface approaches and what constitutes an effective user interface design, and how they look, and why they should look the way they do in order to make user interfaces function as well as they can.

And, basically, it all boils down to design, which is what this place is all about. It’s all about the design. Now, with the user interface, you know, Apple, to take a very common example, spends an extraordinary amount of time on their interfaces, on their graphics, on every single button, every single icon.

Every single element that you interact with, they spent countless hours refining it and refining it to give us the user interface experience that we have and that we just take for granted because, you know, it simply works well, it looks great, and it feels great . . .

. . . Hey everyone, we actually ran out of battery at The Louvre, so we’re going to pick this up at the Charles de Gaulle airport before we take off on our flight home. So, yeah, just picking up on the conversation regarding Apple. So, they really, really focus on design, among a number of other things. Both their hardware and software is absolutely gorgeous. People love using it at an unconscious level, which is why their stuff is so popular.

And, you know, every now and then Apple will feature another photo app or another wedding app, or a puzzle app. And how many more weather apps do we actually need? But they feature them because the design is stunning and someone has done something fantastic with it, and people just want to use it over and over and over.

The Louvre was all about the design on the outside, the modern pyramid architecture, and, of course, masterpieces of art inside the building. You know, when you buy a new car, one of the main criteria these days is how does it look, how does it feel? You know, we all know cars come with an engine and four wheels, but it’s actually the design that can be one of the key criteria that people determine whether or not they’re going to buy this car over that car.

So, I really encourage you to make sure that design, user interface, and user experience is a key, key component of your app development strategy because that’s one of the main things that will keep your app used over the long term and help keep people coming back to your app, telling your friends about the app. In addition to the core functionality of the app. That it just looks great, that it feels great, and I love using your app because the design is stellar.

So, that’s it from Jason in France. I’m going to hop on the plane very shortly, and we’ll see you when we get back. We’ll catch up then. Cheers.


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