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Hanging at ICON2016 in Phoenix, Arizona, Jason and Greg Peterson of Urban Farm U discuss the incredible importance of ongoing learning and training, to grow your business.




Jason: Hi everyone. It’s Jason Bavington here with Midnight Illusions, and we are just at the tail end of the ICON 2016 conference. Don’t miss it; I’ll introduce this guy in a second. It’s at the Phoenix Convention Center in beautiful downtown Phoenix.

I’m really particularly enjoying being here, not only because it’s been three days of incredible learning and information but it’s 30 degrees Celsius here and when I left it was 30 centimeters of snow. So, hoping we can bottle some of this great, great heat and bring it back and we can thaw out.

I’m with my buddy here, Greg Peterson from UrbanFarmU. Tell us about UrbanFarmU, Greg.

Greg: UrbanFarmU is a place where you can go online to learn how to grow your own food in the city.

Jason: Grow your own food in the city? That’s something we don’t tend to hear a lot about. We tend to go to the grocery store and get our food. That’s awesome.

Greg: Yes, and it’s really easy to grow your own food. You just have to know how. You don’t need to know the rules to grow your own food in order to make food happen.

Jason: So, you help educate and teach people how to grow their own food?

Greg: I do.

Jason: And that’s why we’re here at this conference is because this conference is all about educating, learning, and developing new sales strategies and marketing strategies, and tips and tricks to make our businesses better.

Greg: Absolutely.

Jason: One of the things I really liked at the keynote this morning was how the gentleman Scott Harris said that the CEO or Director of a company will not be the same CEO or Director in 12 months, and that’s because we’re constantly needing to learn and needing to grow. Because the environment around us – our business environment and our customer environment - is always changing.

Greg: And the marketing of it also is changing so fast. And we have to stay on top of that.

Jason: Because if we don’t stay on top of it, then we go “Oh geez, how did that happen?” So, it’s been a fantastic conference. I’m very, very happy that you invited me down. So thank you for that. Same time next year. And I encourage all of you, no matter what business you’re in, we do this centered around mobile app development and digital development but really no matter what business you’re in I encourage you to learn constantly, constantly grow, constantly develop new strategies, and new techniques. Because if you don’t, your competition is.

So, one way to stay ahead of your competition is to stay in front and continue to grow is to learn. And it’s fantastic. So, I really enjoyed it. So, Jason Bavington, Midnight Illusions, and we’re at ICON 2016. We’re going to have to leave before they kick us out because I think the show’s over. All I see is scaffolding equipment. So, I’m going to check out one more booth before we hit the road.

Greg: Let’s get out of here.

Jason: Thanks very much, you guys. Until the next one. Cheers.


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