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While enjoying the Ashkenaz Festival in Toronto, Jason discusses the importance of music...good an essential in many mobile apps.




Hey, everyone. Jason Bavington here with Midnight Illusions, and we are at the Ashkenaz Festival at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto. Right at the lake. And, also, right near the CN Tower. I love that tower; that’s so awesome.

This festival comes by only once every two years. This is actually its tenth anniversary, and I’m enjoying it all day long, listening to some awesome music. I almost didn’t make it down to the festival this year. I was really bummed but I was able to make it work out and really happy that I’m here. I love listening to this kind of music. It’s a blend of Jewish, Klezmar, Cuban, Merengue – it’s amazing how many different styles people have worked in to this kind of music.

And, as you know, with music, when you listen to music that you really, really enjoy, it fills your soul. It makes you feel good. It stirs emotions deep inside of you. Music can make us feel happy, it can make us feel sad, it can put us on top of the world, it can make us cry, and it can do everything in-between. Music is so potent to our soul. It really, really stirs us from within, and it’s a very powerful way to evoke emotions in people.

When it comes to apps, you find that games, in particular, can evoke a lot of emotion in people. It gets you excited. They get you wanting to go further, deeper into those levels, further down into those dungeons, etc., etc., etc. They also get you wanting to come back to the game because you remember the music. You find yourself singing it in your head, humming that little tune when you’re driving down the street or brushing your teeth in the morning. You know, we always remember those songs that are memorable.

When it comes to choosing music for your app, I really encourage you to take a lot of time to do this and really, really think about what kind of emotion you’re trying to evoke in your game. If you’re not making a game, the same technique works when you’re doing an Indiegogo campaign or when you’re doing a Kickstarter campaign. You want to get people engaged with what you’re doing and what you’re involved in. You want to get them onboard with what you’re doing, and music is the fundamental way to do that.

Often when we’re designing apps inhouse at miApps, which is a division of Midnight Illusions, every now and then we’ll actually choose the music first, before we even decide on the graphic design, because the music can be so important with what we’re trying to achieve in the app, with our audience. And, that’s an F15 going by; there’s an air show here also. Pretty crazy day.

So, that’s all I have here to share with you today. Here’s a shot of the lake. It’s gorgeous. It’s awesome. I don’t have any music to play for you. There was some music playing in the background but we kind of strayed too far. I’m going to catch the wrapup of the show, which is going to happen in about 40 minutes or 35 minutes – just enough time to get a snack. But, yeah, that’s all I have for you today.

Jason Bavington of Midnight Illusions, enjoying some music, taking in the sights, deciding what music we’ll use in our next app or for our next campaign, and I encourage you to do the same thing. Take your time; choose your music wisely. Check out That’s one of my favorite places to source for royalty-free music. They even have, I think they call it exclusive license or something where if you’re selling your app you get an extended – oh, it’s extended license, you can also get an extended license for your app, as well. So, it costs a little bit more but you’re fully covered royalty free, which is awesome.

So, that’s all I have today. If you have any comments, please leave them below. I always look forward to hearing what you have to say. Thanks very much. Catch you guys later. Bye.


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