Go Take that First Step!


In our first miBlog! post, Jason Bavington talks about how to get past the hurdle of that "First Step" ... all while zip-lining across the Elora gorge!

Ok, so he's not actually zip-lining while talking. But he is all geared up. So close enough....





Jason: Hi everyone! I’m Jason here from Midnight Illusions. We’re in the beautiful town of Elora. It’s a gorgeous and sunny day. The weather is awesome. It’s a great day to go ziplining. So here we are across the Elora Gorge. My buddy Ray here has been helping us out going across the Gorge. Ray, can you tell us a little bit about ziplining, how safe it is, and how it works?

Ray: This zipline in particular is TSSA approved to ride. So, from the time that you are stepping onto the deck until when you exit the landing area, you’re clipped onto something, the ropes and safety nets. It’s very safe.

Jason: Thanks a lot.

Ray: No problem.

Jason: So, one of the things I find about ziplining, and this is my second time I’ve done it, is just taking that first step. That first step, it really freaks me out. Because after that, you have nothing holding you up. You have to totally rely on the equipment, and it’s literally a leap of faith.

Once you take that first step though, everything is so much easier after that. It just happens. In this case, you literally just sit back and enjoy the ride. You can take a nice fresh breath. I find it really enjoyable.

Taking that first step in whatever you’re doing in your life, whether you’re having a big life change, changing your career, anything… Taking that first step is always the hardest. We make it so huge in our heads and often it is a big deal. But once you take that step, and you keep on going, it just gets easier and it’s so much fun; you totally enjoy it.

So, I encourage you to watch what those steps are, take them, and enjoy it. And be sure to tell your friends, and bring them along.

Once again, I’m Jason at Midnight Illusions, we’re in Elora, and we’re ziplining. Thanks very much. Let’s watch this person come on down.


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